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Denver's First Bike Corrals

Very exciting to post about the first TWO permanant bike corrals in Denver; one in-front of Stella’s Coffee, and one in-front of Black Pearl. Each rack has parking capacity of up to 12 bikes (6 hoops each)


Denver Public Works created a new guidelines and permiting process specificly for these bike corrals. Once those guidelines were established by PW, South Peral merchants drafted a design with specific measurements, installation plan, renderings, etc. In fact, one of the merchants was a kitchen-designer by trade, so was able to use CAD and design skills to draw everything out into plans. 


Money came almost entirely from the merchants (including materials, permits, install contractor, etc),  and PW says they’re using this as a pilot to study the program before they allow any more in the City. This was truly a partnership between the South Pearl Merchants, Council District 7, and Public Works. The merchants decided to spend a little extra on the aesthetics of the corral, which is the reason why you see wrought-iron fencing, branding, etc. Anyone else can simply buy pre-fab bike corrals from Saris or any other large bike parking company. Ours was shipped from Saris in Wisconsin, and then the merchants used local iron-benders and sign-makers for the rest. The merchants contracted out on their own for install, and even secured their own construction permits for day-off installation. 


Funny story – the contractors were putting finishing touches on the corrals this morning, and they roped off the corrals with yellow tape so they could finish their work. Needless to say, they weren’t succesful, and bikes simply over-ran the yellow tape and parked anyways. A perfect metaphor! See the attached photo.




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