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Free Birds

Every Saturday and Sunday morning in the summer months I leave a handmade bird in the trees by the entrance to Commons Park at Bassett Circle. Free to the first person who finds it! I have a couple of different poems that I put on a card hanging from the bird....they are always about kindness, generosity and/or urban life.

The birds are an example of the gift economy. I hope who ever finds them is inspired to be kind or do something positive in our city. Making the birds gives me joy so I hope they have a ripple effect and bring a moment of surprise and joy into the finders day.
Here is one of the poems:

Please take me home!
I have fallen out of my nest!

I had no sooner seen you, passerby,
minuscule musician, fresh
daybreak's tenor, proprietor
of morning purity, than I
understood you were bringing back
with your little water flute
so many things that had died:
so many petals buried
beneath the smokestacks,
the smog, and the pavement.
Your crystal performance
brings us back to the dew.

from Rufous-collared Sparrow
by Pablo Neruda

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