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Jack Was Here

From http://jack-was-here.tumblr.com :

In 2011, an elite team of street thugs (guys you really don't want to mess with - so don't go squealing to the coppers) set out to pay tribute to Jack Kerouac's various visits to Denver, CO. Armed with a stencil, a couple cans of spray paint, and a list of locations, these thugs tagged and photographed the iconic writer's known haunts around the city.

Pictured above is the side of My Brother's Bar, which was Neal Cassady's favorite bar and a frequent hang out of Jack Kerouac whenever he was in Denver. Back then the bar was called "Paul's Place". A letter written by Neal Cassady asking for a friend to pay off his bar tab at the bar while he was in jail is hung on the wall of the establishment


Street view

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