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Music Tree - Sound Totem

Where this tree (at 17th Ave and Washington Street) has lost some bark a little door now leads to a musical surprise.

More information, from the Artist's website:

This work is the first in a series of miniature, solar-powered, public music venues. Each space will be custom built and fit into an accessible public space featuring different local musicians. Sound Totem is installed in the Uptown neighborhood on the northwest corner of 17th and Washington, a high-traffic pedestrian area and restaurant row. Upon interaction, visitors are invited via QR code to visit a blog and enter feedback about their experience.

Sound Totem is installed directly into a Catalpa Tree (otherwise the Catawba Tree), a local deciduous tree that grows naturally in Colorado. The word Catawba originates from the Catawba Native American tribe, Sioux speaking peoples, and translates to Totem. The tree has a companion, the Catawba Caterpillar or worm that feeds on leaves of the tree. The wood has historically been used as tone wood specifically in creating guitars.

Local jazz musician, Dan Schwindt, wrote this original piece specifically for Sound Totem. The piece features five overlaid tracks of guitar and rhythm to entice viewers.

Street view

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