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South Broadway PARK(ing) Day

On National PARK(ing) Day, a small group of activists (and members of AFH-Denver and CNU Colorado), commandeered three parking spaces away from the automobile at Broadway & Ellsworth to demonstrate the need for more people space and the utility of on-street bike parking.  While Broadway accommodates five vehicular travel lanes and two on-street parking lanes, there's little room for people on the narrow sidewalk and streetscape area, and no room for outdoor cafes, benches for passerby's, and meaningful bike parking.  So without proposing a complete re-design of Broadway, how might certain vehicle parking spaces be re-purposed?  Parklets, pop-up cafes, and other people oriented uses of on-street parking is cost-effective and has been done in other cities such as San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York City, and Wheat Ridge, CO to name a few.  We'd like to add Denver to that list so on PARK(ing) Day we tested the idea.

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