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Stapleton Road Diet

Officially, Beeler Street is a collector road, which is why the city required such a large curb-to-curb dimension of 38'.  This cross-section includes one lane of traffic in each direction and space for on-street parking on both sides - despite the fact that Beeler traverses through an entirely residential area where just about every housing unit also has 2 off-street garage spaces.  Not surprisingly, we find that over 63% of vehicles exceed the 25 mph speed limit, and we've even seen cars going as fast as 60 mph on what is only a 1-mile stretch of road.  What Stapleton resident Todd Ahlenius does is persistently reduce the effective width of Beeler Street from 38' to 24' by parking his truck almost 4' away from the curb on one side of the road and a trailer with a sign that reads: "drive like your kids live here" on the other.  This was Todd's take on its effectiveness: "People DO respond when they see it, but the opposite direction, not so much."

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