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Triangle Transformations

On September 19, the Golden Triangle Neighborhood planning team (City and County of Denver, MIG, Fox Tuttle, EPS, and Sky to Grounds) along with neighborhood organizations (GTA and GTMD) hosted Triangle Transformations.  This event represents a new and innovative public involvement strategy for the neighborhood planning process and showcased interactive demonstrations of how to improve livability and mobility in the Golden Triangle Neighborhood including pedestrian improvements, bicycle lanes, and parklets!  Drawing nearly 200 participants, the event included international visitors, residents, property owners and neighbors.  Visit our website at www.denvergov.org/goldentriangle for information about all of our public outreach efforts!

Demonstrating wide sidewalks, bulbouts and crosswalks, we were able to provide examples of physical improvements to create walkable, vibrant places.  The inclusion of café seating and benches illustrated needed respite while the widened walks provided gathering spaces for people to socialize.

Including a variety of potential bicycle solutions, we gathered important information about how people want to bike to and through the Golden Triangle.  With an emphasis on comfort and safety, participants joined in the conversation about future cycling needs in the neighborhood while trying out B-cycle bikes on demonstration lanes.

Providing new park-like spaces tailored to user desires, Triangle Transformations crafted parklets including a range of activities including public performance, seating and interactive games such as ping-pong.  Enticing constant activity and use throughout the event, the parklets provided a glimpse into a broad world of community oriented open space options.

Anticipated for completion in the first half of 2014, the Golden Triangle Neighborhood Plan will craft the vision for future enhancements and improvements benefiting everyone who loves the Golden Triangle.  For questions or to stay in touch, visit www.denvergov.org/goldentriangle .

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