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West Colfax Food Truck Party


The Justice League of Street Food(JLSF), a group of food trucks that first banded together nearly four years ago to throw street food bashes and the first of the 2013 season took place on a under utilized surface parking lot along West Colfax. This first event was focused around the launch of a major public transportation line, the West Rail Line connecting downtown Denver to Golden. The April 27 JLSF party was a collaboration with the opening of the RTD West Light Rail Line and the West Colfax Business Improvement District. 


The event was a major success with many of the food trucks running out of food before the event was over. This goes to show the need for more dinning options and gathering places along this section of West Colfax. The redevelopment of the St. Anthony’s Hospital site not far away has the potential to capitalize on the pent up demand for neighborhood oriented retail and restaurants, as opposed to the largely auto dominated business along West Colfax 


For more information on the Justice League of Streetfood check out their facebook page.  


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